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Tree Services

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Selective, corrective or extensive pruning will beautify trees and allow for healthier growth and development.
Using a shredded hard and soft wood bark cover under the base of trees creates a finished look while providing root and trunk protection. Mulching increases water retention and moderates soil temperatures (warmer in winter, cooler in summer) which foster healthier plants.
Winter Protection
From winter guard sprays to trunk guards.
Tree Removal
For aesthetic purposes or for safety reasons.
Cabling / Bracing
Used to prevent potential structural failure due to ice, wind or other elements.
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Insect and Disease Evaluation

We are experienced in plantlife damage and can properly manage issues and proactively accommodate them.

Tree Transplanting

A&G Landscape Masonry Inc. moves trees (if possible to live after a transplant) from place to place using several mechanical digging and transporting machines. We also offer hand digging for the trees that may not be accessible otherwise.

Storm Damage Clean-up

Offering 24 hour emergency service for catastrophic storm damage.

Stump Removal

Whether left for years or from a recent take down, grinding or digging out stumps, will provide an opportunity for grass or new trees.

If you have a special tree that can not remain in its present location, we can usually move it either by machine or hand digging. We provide free estimates for all tree moving projects. A&G Landscape Masonry Inc. will give free estimates and honest professional advice as to whether it is cost effective or possible to relocate your tree.

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